John Philip Kemble’s cropped copy of
Thomas Lodge,
The Wounds of Ciuill War
(London: John Danter, 1594; STC 16678), sig.
A1r. Harry Ransom Center Pforz 624

A “perfect” copy of John Parkinson’s 

Theatrum Botanicum
(London: Thomas Cotes, 1640; STC 19302), sig.
[A]2r. Harry Ransom Center -q- QK 41 P2 copy 1

If you’re in the Austin-area, check out the Collated & Perfect event at the Harry Ransom Center:

  • When: February 28 at 4:30pm (CST)
  • Where: Prothro Theater
  • Panel of presentations followed by discussion. Dr. Megan Heffernan (DePaul) will join James and Pratt to present original research.
An example of a book bound in “Moroccan liveries”
Thomas Heywood, The Wise-woman of Hogsdon
(London: Henry Shephard, 1638; STC 3370), sig. A1r. Harry Ransom Center Wh H519 638w